Hey there! Welcome to Gone Moseying, an outdoor lifestyle blog for your inner adventurer. I’m Callie, a central Texas native living in sunny southern California with my bear-like accomplice, Finn. I should note a quick disclaimer that neither Finn nor myself make any apologies for the liberties we take as Texans, particularly the over-usage of the term y’all as well as any and all abbreviatin’ of words ending in –ing.

Now, if there are a few things I enjoy most in life, it’s hiking, exploring, drinking ice cold beer and busting a fat chill; often times in that order! My passion for the aforementioned hiking, exploring, beer drinking and fat chill busting has led me to some pretty rockin’ adventures. However, I wasn’t always so keen on getting dirty with Mother Nature. As a young, rather portly child, the only hiking I enjoyed doing was down the hill to my friend’s house where I would thieve a Little Debbie Swiss Roll from her parent’s pantry and even then the walking bit was more of a means to an end.

It wasn’t until I moved to Southern California, land of mountains and trails a plenty, that I really heard the call of the wild. But getting started in the world of outdoor adventure can be pretty dang intimidating. The skill, the routes, the gear – oh the gear! There is so much information out there and everyone seems to be an expert. Where are you even supposed to start? I’ll tell you where. Wherever you darn well please! Gone Moseying is about inspiring the inner adventurer in all of us, regardless of skill level. I want to share my travels with you and hopefully in turn, encourage you to go out and have a kick ass journey of your own.

Your next adventure is waiting. If anyone asks, just say you’ve gone moseying!